Bring Me – Polly (aged 12)

I am setting off on the longest of journeys,
Off into the distant lands
Of the unexplored
But there are people and places
I wish to see once more. 

Please bring me the sight of our kitchen
Fire glowing
Everyone knowing
They are safe. 

Please bring me the sound of their voices
Laughing and talking, 
The noise of my world
Carried upon the wind.

Please bring me the scent of coming home, 
When you open the door, 
And it smells like yours once more. 

Please bring me the taste of a cake we baked,
Fresh out of the oven, 
Still warm,
Simply delicious. 

Please bring me the courage I need
To journey on,
To find safety
And find my way home to them. 

Polly (aged 12)