She Is In Heaven – Hang Yuan

On that deep autumn night
She left softly
And never came back.
Mama told me she had gone to heaven.
I didn’t know how far away it was
I didn’t know if someone was with her keeping her company.
I sat on the stone steps in front of the house
Waiting for her to come back
I believed she was just on her way home.
Under the golden rays of the setting sun
I see her walking towards me, just as she always did
She shouts my nickname and hugs me,
I hold her hand,
Tell her never to leave me again.
The sun is slowly setting
She holds my hand
And we’re walking, walking.
We two; one old, one young
She is outspoken, while I am mute.
We two; one old, one young,
She is my hero, I am her shadow.

Hang Yuan