I Come From Such A Place – Hang Yuan

A  place where;
There is a reservoir full of the sweetest water,
There is a long meandering river,
And there is a lake, as broad as a bay, with the clearest water
Sometimes green, sometimes blue.
Where there used to be so many coal mines
With rail tracks criss-crossing
And busy trucks running, always in a hurry,
Carrying their black hope everywhere.
I used to live in house built by the Japanese
With tatami rush matting and sliding doors
Summer, I would run into the garden to pick sweetcorn
And eat juicy purple grapes.
Winter, we would buy a ton of Chinese cabbage
And store them in a pit in the yard.
My childhood was spent
In a street lined with baiyang trees,
Gazing at sunflowers.
But my childhood was spent
With no laughter, with no play.
I miss the lake; sometimes green, sometimes blue,
And my childhood there; sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet.

Hang Yuan,