Audience Quotes


Audience quotes from our 2019 tour to Manchester, Liverpool, Lancaster, Morecambe, Newcastle and Birmingham

“Stories are what holds us together.”

“Location was good - 360 degree theatre. Use of all three languages was good, nice touch to include Cantonese and Mandarin equally. A very talented cast and interesting use of music to tie it all together.”

“A very well crafted performance; lovely fusion of languages and theatre styles. Light on its feet, but affecting too. Strong ensemble work. Aspects of it apply to anyone form another company/culture.”


“Excellent performance which I thoroughly enjoyed. Acting really brought the stories alive and made me much more aware of the range of people with Chinese origin. Stimulating experience and wish I could have told more of my family and friends to come to see this. Thank you for a great evening!”

“It was perfect. I really wasn't expecting to be so moved. Spectacular!”

“Really unique setting, great performance, resonates with any 2nd generation.”