Piao Yang Guo Hai
From Shore to Shore

From Shore to Shore is a powerful new drama inspired by stories from Chinese communities living in the UK.

Three stories, three lives, three journeys to find a place to call home.

Reviews from 2017 Tour

The show was worth coming all the way from Hong Kong for.  My family and I loved it.
I enjoyed the ambience, the music and the sound. The way the stories were told and interwoven, the energy of the actors, the fact that it made me both laugh and cry, the food, sharing a table and chatting afterwards.
It was beautifully written and well acted and particularly in these tense times, really important to have channels for community voices to be heard.
This is a play that truly connects people, especially the ones that live and work away from the homeland.

Upcoming workshops

Information about upcoming workshops will be available soon.